Government HR Services

HR Wise provides innovative human resources and compensation management solutions for Federal, State and Local governments. By leveraging the firm’s resources, agencies can focus on their unique mission — enabling a more effective and efficient government for the American people.

HR Wise Offers to Governments a full suite of critical services performed at mandatory security levels, such as:

HR Technology
Our software supports virtually all aspects of the Human Resource life cycle: personnel action processing, benefits management, records management and workforce performance and awards management.

Compensation Management
HR Wise has expertise and knowledge of Federal Payroll laws and regulations. We provide innovative solutions for our clients in direct support of their missions. Our system provides agencies with an efficient, fully automated, comprehensive payroll system with timely support provided throughout the world.

Electronic Time & Attendance
The electronic time, attendance and expense system provided to governments by HR Wise is used on a worldwide basis to record and certify pay and leave data for their employees. It is fully automated and provides agencies with a straight-forward, affordable, electronic, secure and “user friendly” system.

Benefits & Retirement Planning
We provide employees with guidance and planning for the following aspects of their benefits: eligibility, creditable service, planning/applying, early retirement, retirement types (deferred, survivors, etc.), military pay, service credit, former employee counseling.

In depth review of services and features available to government clients:

  • An intrinsic knowledge of United States Public Health Service military payroll business rules and mandates, as demonstrated through multiple years of error-free operation.
  • The ability to reply on nature of actions (NoAs) to make personnel adjustments that modify officer pay as mandated by the Secretary of DHHS or the United States Congress.
  • A payroll and tax processing solution that operates securely 24/7, and offers secure access to all users via any internet browser.
  • Payroll processing and tax processing are housed in a single secure system accessing a single database. Users with differing roles can be enabled to have varying access to functions and data.
  • Support for these these payroll and related applications:
    • Leave & Absence Tracking
    • Active Duty Payroll
    • Retirement Processing
    • Officer Profiles
    • Retiree Payroll
    • Officer Self-Service
    • Post-Payroll Reporting
    • General Ledger Creation
    • End of Year Tax File Creation
    • Compliance Tracking and Reporting for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)
  • Collection of data from source documents through user-initiated transactions.
  • The ability for transactions to have any effective date, including future and retroactive, to enable immediate processing of officer transactions. Accurately calculated gross compensation, as well as gross-to-net disbursements, regardless of the effective date of any changes.
  • Accurate creation of paychecks, direct deposits, taxes and other pay files, and electronic transmission of these files to various government agencies and Departments each month. File formats created for Treasury, HHS, Federal Reserve, DMDC, Thrift Savings, SSA and Veterans Affairs.
  • Online peer review system wherein each transaction must be viewed and validated by at least two experienced personnel. HR Specialists and Payroll Technicians can rely on an ordered peer review and supervisory approval (workflow) process to ensure accuracy, given the volume of data changes and transactions processed each month.
  • A replacement system with the processing capacity of greater than 2,500 payroll
    transactions and 1,000 personnel transactions per month, and more during peak periods.
  • Project management, software development and testing that reflects an in-depth
    understanding of uniformed services payroll business rules and personal mandates.
    Multiple sources of information, perspectives and requirements from subject matter experts within the Government are all integrated.
  • Electronic methods for reporting changes, status and management analytics for the leadership of the Division of Systems Integration, the Division of Commissioned Corps Personnel and Readiness, the Office of the Surgeon General and/or the Office of Assistant Secretary for Health.
  • Collaborative working relationship between HR Specialists, Payroll Technicians, System Specialists, Liaison Officers, Federal/Non- Federal and other relevant participants who have a contributing role in improving administrative outcomes for the active duty and retired Commissioned Officers of the USPHS.