Frequently Asked Questions

Any business can find value in an ASO relationship. An average client of HR Wise is a business with 17 worksite employees. Increasingly, larger businesses also are finding value in a PEO arrangement, because PEOs offer robust Web-based HR technologies and expertise in HR management. PEOs can partner with companies that have 500 or more employees and work in conjunction with their existing human resources department.

ASO clients include many different types of businesses ranging from accounting firms to high-tech companies and small manufacturers. Many different types of professionals, including doctors, retailers, mechanics, engineers and plumbers, also benefit from ASO services.

An Administrative Services Organization (ASO) administers payroll, insurance, and benefits packages, provides human resources consulting and management, and HR guidance to employers. A company utilizing the services of an ASO like HR Wise continues to utilize its own tax ID number and its own Workers' Compensation policy.

Administrative Services Organizations act as subcontractors: assisting employers with human resource responsibilities without requiring a co-employer relationship and allowing employers to maintain a sole relationship with their employees and control of benefits offerings, workers’ compensation claims and unemployment claims. They offer all the same services as PEO’s, with some advantages. One specific advantage of the ASO model is that services can be offered in bundled or unbundled packages (PEO’s cannot do this because of their responsibilities as the “employer of record”).