Native American Program Consulting

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Our Native American services are extensive and can support any tribal governmental body and specifically its housing authority with experienced, knowledgeable, and effective Native American Programs Administration by a tenured former administrator in Indian Country. 


Andy Pasqual (Tohono O’odham / Choctaw) is the Program Manager at HR Wise LLC, overseeing our Compliance Programs and Consulting to HUD-funded programs and projects. He is a former administrator for the Tohono O’odham Nation’s tribally designated housing entity. Mr. Pasqual brings over 15 years of program management experience to HR Wise’s clientele. He advises the City of Mesa on its HUD Community Development Block Grant programs, as well as consults with a multitude of businesses in the Phoenix Metro area advising on best business practices related to procurement and contracting.  

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All About Native American Program Consulting

Program Consulting Description:

Our services cover Tribal Government Consulting regarding policy development, program monitoring and policy changes; the HUD related consulting includes Housing Policies, procedures development and staff training, Indian Housing Plans (IHP)/Annual Performance Reports (APR), Program Leveraging, Procurement/Contracts Management and Development, Davis-Bacon/TERO (Tribal Employment Rights Office) Wage Compliance & Monitoring, Competitive Grants, Internal Audit Oversight and Review, Crime Prevention policy development, and Accounts Receivables Mitigation.

Indian Housing Plans (IHP)/Annual Performance Reports (APR)

Our staff has prior experience in the development and successful submission of HUD Indian Housing Plans (IHP) and the required Annual Performance Reports (APR). We can analyze your program utilizing your waiting list, current needs, and data from your current annual inspections and accounts receivables to develop a five (5) year plan that accounts for your needs and wants to move your housing program forward.

Housing Policies, Procedure Development & Training

By collaborating with HUD Southwest Office of Native American Programs (SWONAP), reviewing current Program Guidance issued by HUD, and through best practices review of current policy; we update the policy accordingly to ensure thorough compliance with the ability to be tested by audit and self-audit.

Procurement, Contracts Management & Development

Procurement and contracting are a common finding of non-compliance with HUD. Having a policy that is clear and concise with thorough guidance on common areas of: Indian Preference in Contracting, Due Diligence, Compliance with Federal ‘CFR’s’; is highly necessary. Having policy and contracts that protect the rights and authority of the Native Communities is important. Our staff has created policy that has been tested through bid protests, litigation, and administrative hearing – all of which have been found to favor the housing authority in protecting their best interests.

Common Policies We Have Experience With:

  • Administration
  • Finance
  • Construction
  • Maintenance
  • Compliance
  • Residential (Occupancy)
  • Miscellaneous Programs: 
    • Section 184 (Lease/Foreclosure Codes)
    • Down Payment Assistance
    • Homeowner Assistance
    • Emergency Programs
    • HUD VASH (Veteran's Affairs Supportive Housing)
    • LIHTC (Low Income Housing Tax Credit)

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