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7 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Payroll Services

What is your HR budget? Do you hire someone in-house or outsource it? Keep reading to know what to ask before selecting a payroll service.

Did you know that most small businesses and startups in Phoenix, AZ, begin with a budget of up to $5,000 on average? These are either home-based businesses or online startups created by people with creative minds and an entrepreneurial spirit.

Since the budget is very limited it makes the most sense to outsource payroll services in Phoenix, AZ. This way you do not have to hire an entire HR Department within your company. But what payroll system providers are the best when it comes to paying employees on time, deducting taxes, etc? 

You don’t know until you ask a few questions. Keep reading to find out how you should screen your payroll service providers in Phoenix and find the best payroll solution in your area.

1. Ask About Experience, Ratings, and Reviews

Whether it’s about the guy who calculates employee salaries, fixes your roof, or installs a new barbecue deck, you should only work with experienced professionals. 

Ask the payroll system provider you want to hire for how long they have been in the business. This should give you an idea of their expertise, quality of service, and so on.

Additionally, you can also look on the BBB website for reviews and feedback from past clients. If there are many negative reviews, you should avoid that payroll provider. If people have good things to say about a certain business, that’s a good sign. Check Google and Facebook ratings as well to have the complete picture.

2. Ask If You Can See a Sample Check Stub

A basic check stub example will give you some valuable insight into how this payroll services provider from Phoenix does business. If the information is clearly distinguishable and you can easily tell the difference between net pay and tax deductions, the payroll provider does a good job.

On the other hand, if the pay stub example looks too complicated or even difficult to understand, at first sight, try to find a different provider. Keeping things simple when it comes to paying employees is the best approach and you should work with people who have a similar vision.

3. Ask Who Do You Contact in Case of a Problem

Especially if you just established your startup, many things need to be adjusted and improved. Chances are that you might run into trouble one or two times with the payroll software provided to you. This is normal, but ask who you contact to get out of this trouble.

A lot of great payroll providers in Phoenix have excellent customer service. You should be assigned to a certain specialist who can help you find a solution to your problems quickly and efficiently.

4. Ask How Long Is the Timeframe for Changes

Not only that you need to know who to talk to if you make a mistake, but also how long you have to repair any mistakes made. For example, can you submit changes after you have reported your payroll? And if the answer is yes, how much time do you have to submit those changes?

Payroll providers that offer ample time for correcting mistakes are usually the best in the business. You should work with this type of professionals, especially in the beginning when you’re more prone to make mistakes when it comes to reporting payroll documents.

5. Ask What Type of Platform and Technologies They Use

Payroll calculation programs get updated on a yearly basis. They become easier to use, more powerful, and more advanced. It’s important to ask your future payroll provider in Phoenix, AZ if they work with the best platforms out there. 

For example, do they have a standalone program or is their platform scalable? Having a scalable platform can be a real advantage as you don’t need to change the payroll provider as your business grows.

Ask if they also use updated software and the latest technologies when it comes to reporting taxes and calculating net salaries. Payroll specialists need to be compliant with a plethora of government rules and regulations, so keeping up with the latest trends is important.

6. Ask What Specific Types of Services They Include in the Package

A payroll specialist can provide a wide variety of services. You need to determine what are the most important services for your business. Reputable payroll providers in Phoenix can easily handle services such as hourly pay for employees, salary and contract documents, check printing, etc.

On top of that, your payroll provider should also handle payroll reporting for new employees, track paid time off, calculate vacation days and sick time, handle tax deductions and benefits including the 401(k)

Make sure that you have a lengthy discussion with your payroll provider and ask if they provide these services. It’s great to have your payroll needs handled by a single vendor instead of outsourcing them to multiple companies.

7. Ask About the Security Methods Put in Place to Protect Data

Remember that payroll specialists work with valuable employee information. It’s paramount to protect key personal identifiers against hackers, viruses, spyware, and other types of malware that might steal this information.

Ask the payroll provider what types of security measures they use to protect the data of your employees. At a minimum, they should use a firewall, two-factor authentication, regular backups to a remote data center, strong antivirus programs that are frequently updated, etc.

If the payroll service provider in Phoenix, AZ, can give you plenty of details about the security measures they put in place, that’s a good sign. If you think they handle online security poorly, look for another provider.

Now You Know How to Tackle Payroll Services in Phoenix, AZ

Finding some of the best payroll services in Phoenix, AZ, is not difficult if you know what questions to ask. Remember that handling financial information can be tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

On top of that, new legislation and regulations are put in place every year when it comes to payroll reporting, tax deducting, etc. It’s best to ally yourself with the experts and get rid of all the guesswork when it comes to such financial aspects.

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